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Woman Necklace

Woman Necklace
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BKE Stone Necklace Antique Silver Turquoise 64030251527
Style 251527/Sku 937801Pendant chain necklaceLength measures 34"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women's Ac..
$39.80 $19.31
BKE Fringe Necklace Gold 2040012148NK01
Style 12148NK01/Sku 937750Stone necklaceLength measures 33"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women's Accesso..
$38.87 $27.50
BKE Choker Necklace Antique Silver 81545N0516400X
Style N0516400X/Sku 941285Rhinestone necklaceLength measures 16"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women's Ac..
$36.00 $18.87
BKE Layered Coin Necklace Set Silver Multi 81545SN118364
Style SN0118364/Sku 947231Set of three necklacesMulti pendant necklace length measures 20 1/2"Layere..
$50.83 $21.80
BKE Stone Necklace Gold Neutral 10414INC8079
Style INC8079/Sku 936671Beaded necklaceLength measures 33 1/2"Due to the natural stone there will be..
$50.98 $28.27
BKE Crescent Necklace Silver 81545N1016598X
Style N1016598X/Sku 948023Dainty pendant necklaceLength measures 19"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women'..
$40.83 $18.03
BKE Choker Necklace Set Antique Silver Multi 81545N0816765X
Style N0816765X/Sku 941369Set of three necklacesLengths measure 16"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women's..
$40.84 $24.88
BKE Fringe Necklace Silver Cream 10414MNE0566
Style MNE0566/Sku 942372Bead and chain necklaceLength measures 23"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women's ..
$39.84 $29.46
BKE Statement Necklace Antique Silver 81545N01162361
Style N01162361/Sku 937241Rhinestone and stone necklaceLength measures 20"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll ..
$37.87 $24.90
BKE Choker Necklace Silver 35870N156640GR
Style N156640GR/Sku 940567Chain necklaceLength measures 15 1/2"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women's Acc..
$50.85 $24.48
BKE Cross Necklace Gold 83705MY413N07
Style MY413N07G/Skus 913489, 913490Sideways cross necklaceLength measures 35"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEA..
$40.83 $27.15
BKE Stone Pendant Necklace Antique Silver Multi 10414MNE5269
Style MNE5269/Sku 945994Stone necklaceLength measures 33"Due to the natural stone, there will be a v..
$46.87 $28.32
BKE Stone Necklace Antique Gold 4455541820
Style 41820/Sku 936695Textured necklaceLength measures 31"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women's Accessor..
$48.00 $27.25
BKE Lace Choker Necklace Black Gold 68465751921239
Style 751921239/Sku 940519Foiled necklaceLength measures 16"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women's Access..
$45.97 $25.77
BKE Pendant Necklace Antique Gold Multi 35870N153544
Style N153544/Sku 938025Rhinestone necklaceLength measures 33"BKE AccessoriesAll BKEAll Women's Acce..
$41.81 $26.31